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A Lutheran congregation located in Southeastern Pennsylvania specifically dedicated to the Hmong community within the Philadelphia, Berks, and Lancaster counties.

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History of our Congregation

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In 1978 Saint Simeon's Luteran Church in Philadelphia sponsored the first Hmong family from Laos to the Greater Philadelphia area, Mr & Mrs. Chou Koua Kue. Over the next 3 years, Saint Simeon would continue to sonsor over 15 Hmong families. All 15 families became active congregational members of Sain Simeon.

During 1986 there were 24 Hmong Families attending services at Saint Simeon's Luteran Church. As more Hmong familes moved into the Philadelphia area, they were encouraged to join Saint Simeon's congregation.

in 1989 with the number of familes reaching 34 familes, the Saint Simeon's Council decided to allow and support the first Hmong service for the Hmong members. The service was conducted by at the time, Deacon ShongChai Hang and Rev Miller. The service was a success, thus confirming the offical offering of the first Hmong sunday Service with the ELCA.

Saint Simeon's Council also decided a Hmong pastor ws needed to service the newly initiated service. In late 1989, a $4000 grant was given to Deacon ShongChai Hang to pursue his Luteran studies at the Philadelphia Lutheran Theological Seminary at 7301 Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia.

Finally in February of 1996, the Hmong members at Saint Simeon's Luteran Church form and established the Hmong Community Evangelical Lutheran Church. At the same time The Hmong members were organizating their church. Saint Simeon's American congregation were facing struggles with lack of local community support and low membership, the church was force to eventually close or to be taken over by the new Hmong church. However, as newly formed group with lower income members and no experience of running an entire church/building, the Synod along with the Hmong council decided not to reside at Saint Simeon.

The Hmong Community Evangelical Lutheran Church Finally found a home at Holy Spirit Lutheran church in early 1996 and continued there until May of 2005. The church then migrated to St. John's Lutheran church in Pottstown from June 2005 thru June 2012. With all of it's members relocated and settle within Berks & Lancaster counties, the church has now found a new home at Allegheny Evangelical Lutheran Church.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Allegheny for their services and accepting our Hmong congregation.  We look forward to many more years and opportunities to share our God with each other.  God bless you AELC.   











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