When you were baptized, your parents agreed to: “bring you to the services of God’s house, teach you the Lord’s Prayer, the Creed, and the Ten Commandments.. place in your hands the Holy Scriptures and provide for your instruction in the Christian faith…”.


Praise God that they have kept their promise to you!


During your 2-year confirmation journey (beginning in the fall of your 7th grade year) you’ll have the opportunity to continue to learn and grow and deepen your faith by asking such questions as, “What does it mean for me to be a baptized child of God”.


Using curriculum from Sparkhouse, re:form, will allow you to first:ENCOUNTER the concept from the historic Christian faith with the DVD, then to ENGAGE in some of the anti-workbook activities to get you interacting with your peers and exploring your faith in creative ways, and then finally to RESPOND by sharing your own viewpoints on what you discovered during class time together.


Throughout the 2 years in Confirmation, you’ll be challenged by new ideas or tough questions and that’s ok…. your church family has an obligation to encourage you to ask/hear tough questions about the world, yourself and who God is. The bible stories you will hear and the passages that will be discussed are not so much for the sake of memorizing but so that it is available to you as a sword and shield whenever you are tempted to doubt God’s promises in Christ.


Confirmation classes begin each fall on Rally Day (the 1st Sunday after Labor Day) for those students in 7th grade. The Director of Youth Ministries, Amy Naugle, can be reached at

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